Caught on the Conqueror

Shipwrecks provide homes for fish and crustaceans, so inshore fishermen sometimes set their nets and traps near them, but get too close and the gear can become caught and lost!

Fishermen’s friend

Twenty-eight creels, used for catching crabs and lobsters, returned to two inshore fishing boats. A good weekend’s work for Ghost Fishing UK’s diving team in Eyemouth, Scotland.

My ghost fishing journey

“So, what can I do to help?” was the question Jamie Vaughan kept asking himself. Now he reports from Plymouth on the Ghost Fishing UK Easter training course where he found out!

My weekend with Ghost Fishing UK

A personal account of the Winter Warmer weekend finds diver John Campbell in cold water, but enthused about the Ghost Fishing UK mission, and inspired to do more.

Cleaning Scapa Flow

The 2018 project has reached a significant milestone. We are delighted to announce that the scuttled WW1 German High Seas Fleet is now clear of any actively fishing ghost gear.