This page is dedicated to fishermen and fishing vessels only.

If you or your vessel has accidentally lost fishing gear (pots, nets, ropes etc) that you cannot retrieve, please report it to us as soon as possible.

The form is anonymous but we welcome you to contact us if you would like your gear back or can offer your vessel to help recover it.
We may be able to get it back for you, or recover it for recycling.

Ghost Fishing UK is a registered charity of volunteer scuba divers, trained in surveying and removing lost fishing gear from UK waters.

We are all volunteers and do not accept payment or donations for their efforts; we rely on public donations. Our divers simply want to give something back to the ocean that they enjoy and are asking you, the fishermen, to help us.

We are also looking for fishing vessels to link up with us in a pilot project to demonstrate that we can work together to reduce the amount of ghost gear losses and recover any that do happen, as quickly as possible which can only benefit both the marine wildlife and the fishing industry.