Thank you for donating to Ghost Fishing UK.

Our team of volunteer divers is passionate about removing ghost gear from the coastal waters of the United Kingdom.

‘Ghost Fishing’ is when lost or abandoned fishing nets float silently in our seas causing death to our precious marine life. Nets get tangled in our sea bed flora and around wrecks and can be dangerous to all marine life including seals, whales, and even birds!

Lost crab and lobster pots continue catching and killing, acting as bait for more animals that die needlessly.

Recovering Ghost Gear is a long tiring, dirty and dangerous job.

Our highly trained divers need to survey the area after a report of ghost gear has been received before they attempt to remove it, using lift bags. Divers save valuable time and money assessing the location of the sometimes elusive nets, before removing them.

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Where does my money go?

It costs around £600 per day just to charter a boat for Ghost Fishing missions.

In addition, the divers breathing gas costs can be anywhere between £24 and £100 depending on the depth of the dive.

The day to day running of the charity costs money, with things like outreach materials, web site fees, and shipping the ghost gear for recycling.

In the main, divers cover all their other expenses themselves, many traveling the length of the country.

The money you have kindly donated ensures this vital work continues.

Once on shore, the recovered ghost nets are sent away for recycling in conjunction with our partners.

We thank you for your support of the work we do.

 Keep an eye on our social media platforms for pictures and videos of our work throughout the year, to see how your donation is making a difference.

You can sign up for a newsletter from us and you can also register to volunteer with us on land, as support crew or as a team diver.

All information can be found on our website.