Ghost Fishing UK Media – Copyright, Terms and Conditions

To request images or footage from Ghost Fishing UK, please contact the Ghost Fishing UK
committee in the first instance:

You must declare any financial interest and projected profits from the project. Profit-making
organisations will be subject to a fee for media use.

The images and footage must only be used exclusively in relation to the Ghost Fishing
project they refer to. Using the images for other projects or organisations is not permitted.

Passing on images or footage to third parties is strictly forbidden.

All images and footage belonging to Ghost Fishing UK are to be used “as given”. No
additional watermarks or processing are to be added to the images. Cropping and scaling for
layout purposes is acceptable. You may not crop existing watermarks. Please ask if you
require an image without a watermark.

All images must be attributed to the photographer and Ghost Fishing UK. Each image when
published should have attached to it “Image © John Doe / Ghost Fishing UK”

Footage must be credited to the videographer and Ghost Fishing UK.

The finished project must be approved by Ghost Fishing UK prior to release. Failure to do so
may result in Ghost Fishing UK withdrawing permission for use, which we may do at any time.

Failure to follow these terms will result in Ghost Fishing UK billing you for the use of the
images and/or legal action under copyright law.

Fees will follow industry guidelines but will be determined by Ghost Fishing UK.

Richard Walker. Chair, Trustee Ghost Fishing UK.
Christine Grosart. Secretary, Trustee Ghost Fishing UK.
Fred Nunn. Operations Officer, Trustee Ghost Fishing UK.