Movement for Good Award to Ghost Fishing UK

Ghost Fishing UK is grateful for a Movement for Good Award of £4000 to further our work.

Benefact Group is a diverse family of specialist financial services businesses, driven by ashared ambition to do right by customers and clients, and united by a common purpose to give all available profits to charity and good causes.

Being owned by a charity – Benefact Trust – places good intentions at the foundations of the Group. Whether in specialist insurance, investment management, broking or advisory, every business that makes up the Benefact Group is a specialist in their respective field. Together they provide responsible and sustainable investment, protection of iconic buildings and world heritage sites, and trusted advice to people and businesses.

For the past three years, Ecclesiastical Insurance has run the Movement for Good Awards programme, giving away £3 million to great causes. Ghost Fishing UK is proud to a recipient of a Giving Movement for Good Award this year.