Persier, Plymouth

Ghost Fishing UK responded to reports of a net on the well known Persier wreck just outside of Plymouth, UK. The nets were notified via our reporting system so a small team went to take a look. This was our first official mission with the support of Healthy Seas and the divers didn’t disappoint, soon finding some net and releasing this fish.

Ghost Fishing UK has stringent procedures regarding how to go about cleaning up nets and as you can see form the video, entanglement is always a danger. We ensure our divers have good awareness, always have a ‘spotter’ to watch for any dangers while they are working and good diving skills to preserve the visibility.

We thank Aquanauts dive centre in Plymouth for their continued support. A decent hard boat and a willing skipper is always crucial to what we do! Ghost Fishing UK is grateful to Halcyon Dive Systems for providing us with bright pink lift bags which are highly visible and labelled up by Dive Signs. Our divers survey the ghost gear using specially printed underwater notebooks by Dive Proof. This net will be good for up cycling into Econyl yarn not too far in the future.

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