FourState is a business that no matter what, always puts our Planet first. From how the shops are run, how we select our suppliers, and even down to how we ship and deliver online orders. There are no compromises. This is why we are delighted to be a new partner of GhostFishing UK, our company ethos is perfectly aligned.

Pat and Rob, friends since secondary school, set up FourState after a trip to the Philippines in 2019 highlighted the damage done by humans to the planet.
Doing nothing was simply not an option. The idea was born; they set up FourState. A lifestyle, eco-store that allows people to purchase a wide range of sustainable products that have undergone a thorough vetting process, ensuring every product would put our Planet first.


By focusing on the Four States of Humanity, Air, Land, and Water this concept would allow FourState customers to focus on the issues that are important to them, whether that’s Poverty, Climate Change, Habitat Loss or Plastic Waste when making their purchases. Often, the best thing we can do for our planet is to buy nothing and live on our own accord. We recognise that this is often completely impractical in modern life; we can’t all grow our own crops or make our own clothes… But, if we put our planet first, we can minimise our collective impact. Every customer that comes into our stores leaves with something that will make a difference, whether that is a product from our ever-increasing range from soap to lunchboxes, yoga mats to diffusers and pants to plants…or better knowledge. All our staff have amazing eco-awareness and love nothing better than chatting to our customers about the benefits of a coconut scourer or reusable make-up pads!

In addition, our loyalty point scheme, FourState Causes are our way of giving back and letting our customers have a say in where a portion of our profits are allocated. Humanity focuses on donating meals to vulnerable adults and children in London, Land works with reclaiming parts of the Amazon, Air is all about planting the right trees in the right communities and this is where GhostFishing UK comes in with Water to clean the seas around the British Isles with divers collecting redundant fishing nets ensuring a safer marine environment.

FourState is also heavily involved with many local schools both primary and secondary by running marine talks and workshops with pupils to help inspire the next generation. We have also been involved with the stocking and running of a local school’s pop up eco-store last December, something that will hopefully open again this year

After being an Online store for 6 months, Marlow was opened in September 2019, followed by a second store in Henley in October 2020. This was a much larger store and it allowed us to not only increase our product range to include more clothing, houseplants and 200l refill drums but it also allowed the products to be displayed in a new unique store layout. This layout incorporated the rooms that the products would be found in and allowed the shop to be set out like a house with Kitchen, Bathroom, Living Room and Bedroom sections with relevant fixtures used throughout. We received an incredible welcome to this lovely town just up the river from our home town and customers loved the ‘Home’ concept.
In April this year, we were lucky enough to open our third store in Windsor…it seems we have the River Thames theme flowing here! Where next is a question for Pat & Rob as they are keen to keep moving forwards and offer a Planet First Living experience to as many people as possible.

Planet First Living. At FourState, we truly believe that if we put our Planet First with every decision, purchase or change, Living in our world will be a better place.

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