Ghost Fishing UK proudly supports EcoSki.  Find out more about our partnership here.

A little bit about EcoSki

A truck full of textiles is thrown away every second, even though it took countless resources to produce.  Meanwhile, our planet is heating up and our snow is disappearing.

Skiing is by no means a clean sport. Traveling to the mountains, the infrastructure needed to run the resort and the vast amount of clothing and equipment required. It all impacts the environment.

We care about how things are made, how manufacturers and suppliers are treated, and what happens to our skiwear next. We believe that what goes into the clothes we wear should be as common a question as what goes into the food we eat.

Working with brands who care

There are ski brands out there who are dedicated to producing the best technical wear and are equally passionate about limiting their social and environmental impact.

By bringing these amazing brands together under one umbrella we want to make it easier to shop more responsibly.

A message from Ecoski:

“We want to help keep this hard-wearing kit in circulation for longer and are thrilled to offer a pre-loved service through EcoSki’d. Giving customers the opportunity to trade in and buy second-hand quality kit. We are excited to be able to offer a repairs service through our wonderful neighbours, Darn Knit and next season we will be offering a full EcoSki rental service. Join us on our mission to become more conscious and responsible; stopping to think about the ingredients in each item of clothing.”

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